Available Technology

We have electronic resources available from any computer in the building. In order to use a Mac or PC in the Library or to access resources like the databases from off-campus, users will need to log in using a remote access account.  You can create your remote access account from your campus, dorm or here in the Library!

Forgot Your Password?

Send your password  to your campus email account.

Wireless Access

Patrons with laptops, smartphones, iPads or any other Wi-Fi enabled devices will find full wireless coverage throughout the Library building. To connect to the wireless network, complete the following steps:

  • On your laptop or any other Wi-Fi device, locate the Woodruff public network: Woodi Wi-Fi.
  • If your device does not automatically detect the public wireless, configure your adapter settings to use the public network: Woodi Wi-Fi.
  • Open your web browser.
  • Read through the terms of use.
  • Click Accept and begin surfing!

Computing Resources

Workstations are available in the following areas of the Library:·

Main Level

  • Learning Commons
  • Special Software Lab (Room 202)
  • Technology Design Studio
  • Teaching Lab (Room 215) 

Lower Level

  • Atrium
  • Learning Lab 
  • Teaching Labs I and II

Workstations include:

  • Dell OptiPlex 9010 with 23” LCD monitors
  • Apple iMac Pro with 21” LCD monitors
  • Apple iMac Pro with 27” LCD monitors
  • Apple Mac Pro G5 with Dual 23” LCD monitors
  • Bloomberg Terminal

Software includes:

  • Adobe Master Suite (Available on iMacs)
  • SPSS (Available in Lower Level Learning Lab)
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari
  • Multimedia Editing (Available in Audio-Video Editing Studios)

Audio/Video Editing

Audio/video editing suites are located on the Library’s main level and are designed to help you edit multimedia projects using the latest tools. Equipped with dual monitor iMac Pro workstations, a mixing board, studio speakers and a studio microphone, you can create multimedia productions just like the pros!

Smart Rooms

To enhance the group study experience, we offer three group study rooms on our main level equipped with TeamSpot collaboration software. TeamSpot allows you to work collaboratively on a large-screen display using your own laptop over the wireless network. Each person in your group can control the screen or project from their desktop onto the large screen, creating a truly collaborative experience instead of the typical “laptop huddle” (where people are crouched over sharing a single laptop).

Presentation Practice Rooms

Giving a presentation? On the main level, you will find two presentation practice suites equipped with cameras and workstations for recording presentations. These rooms give users an opportunity to capture presentations so they can critique themselves and make sure presentations are polished and ready.