Access to Computers & Electronic Resources

Access to computers and electronic resources of the Library is provided to students, faculty and staff for scholarly research and instruction. Patrons need campus accounts to access computer workstations. Visitors not affiliated with the AUC may use resources if such use is non-commercial in nature and does not interrupt the work of AUC-affiliated users. Two workstations are available for visitors’ use. Visitors may sign up for access at the Information Services Desk.

Acceptable Use of Computers & Electronic Resources

The Library provides access to the Internet, as well as free and subscription-based electronic resources. These resources are for scholarly research, instruction, and non-commercial use. By using these resources, library users agree to abide to the copyright terms and conditions of each resource. Current AUC faculty, staff and students can login for off-site access to the Library’s electronic resources by using their campus account logins. Unauthorized use or access to the library’s electronic resources may result in suspension of library privileges.

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