Audio/Video Editing Suite Reservation

This policy provides guidance for Atlanta University Center (AUC) students regarding the use of Library audio/video rooms in the Technology Design Suite (TDS). The following guidelines are provided to maintain the usability of these rooms for all students as well as the equipment available for student use.

The Library has two rooms (Room 205 and Room 206) that are equipped with audio/video editing capabilities. Each room includes an AKG P120 microphone with a stand, a Focusrite interface box, and an Apple iMac desktop computer.

By reserving time in one of these rooms, students agree to the following:

  • No food or drink is allowed in the audio/video editing suites at any time. This includes bottled water or other beverages with lids. All food and drink must be consumed outside of the TDS area of the Library.
  • Student IDs will be left with TDS staff when physically checking into the audio/video editing rooms. Students IDs will be returned upon check out.
  • Students acknowledge that they are responsible for any damage occurring to audio/video editing room equipment during their reservation. Damaged or stolen equipment will result in the student being charged the replacement cost for all damaged or stolen items.
  • The student whose name is on the reservation will be considered the responsible party regardless of whether they are the only student using the room during the time of their reservation.
  • Students may bring their own microphones to use in place of the microphone provided. However, doing so does not relieve the student of liability for any Library equipment.

Please note that campus codes of conduct extend to the Library. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining these spaces for all AUC students. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to [email protected].

AV Editing Room Agreement

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