Food & Beverage Policy

This policy provides guidance for Atlanta University Center (AUC) students, faculty, staff, and visitors regarding the consumption of beverages and food while in the Library. The following guidelines are provided to maintain a clean and healthy learning environment.

Food and beverages in sturdy, covered containers may be consumed in most areas of the Library, but NOT in the:

  • Archives Research Center,
  • Computer labs,
  • Technology Design Studio Presentation Practice and Audio/Video Editing Studios,
  • Bloomberg Financial Lab,
  • Or while using computers, scanners, microfilm readers, or other Library technology.

The AUC Woodruff Library is your Library, your place to learn, study, research, collaborate and interact. Food that is not properly disposed of can attract vermin, and spills can cause damage to Library books, media, technology, and physical structure. Help us keep the Library sanitary, comfortable and safe for all members of the AUC community by following these guidelines:

  • Please dispose of all food items and containers in trash bins located throughout the Library.
  • Please contact Library staff immediately if you are unable to properly clean up any spills.
  • Librarians, instructors, or faculty conducting classes or meetings in the Library may prohibit or limit the consumption of food and beverages during their class or meeting times.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Library building and anywhere on Library property. Non-compliance with these guidelines may result in an individual’s removal from the Library premises. Any policy exceptions, in the case of special events and other extraordinary circumstances, must be approved by the Library administration.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to [email protected].

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